13 Ways to Save Money This Summer

  1. Use a Grill

Grill your food outside instead of heating up the house by cooking inside. This will keep your home cooler, and your electric bill lower


  1. Turn off the A.C.

Save big money on your electric bill by turning off or turning down the air in your home. You can open the windows, or get a fan instead.


  1. Dry your laundry outside

Save on the costs of running your dryer by letting them dry naturally outside in the heat


  1. Turn off the lights

Fewer lights on mean cooler houses, and cheaper electric bills


  1. Ditch the cable subscription

Cancel your cable and head outside for entertainment instead. There are so many things to do outside in the summer that can be just as entertaining if not more than watching television inside. And its healthier for you!


  1. Do your shopping at garage sales

Garage sales are a staple of summertime. If you are looking to make any purchases, consider checking out a few garage sales first, you may be surprised at what you can find!


  1. Pack your lunch

Summer is a great time to start packing your own lunch to take to work. Don’t forget to add the fruits! Then take your lunch outside on your break and enjoy the weather and extra money in your pocket


  1. Use fans

Fans are a cheap way to cool off. Use them instead of your expensive air condition system


  1. Get a water filter

Invest in a water filter and save hundreds on bottled water. It is imperative to stay hydrated in the summer so drinking lots of water is a must. Save money and the environment by ditching the plastic and sticking to a filter.


  1. Take advantage of free events in the park

Summer brings lots of free events in the park, such as concerts, fairs, or festivals that can be a blast and cost you nothing!


  1. Plant a garden

Start picking foods from your own backyard instead of spending money at the grocery store


  1. Drop the gym membership

Summer is the best time to get outside and use the world as your gym!


  1. Go on Vacation at the beach

Use a local or nearby beach as your vacation getaway. You will save money on airfare, hotels, and meals by sticking close to home.

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