6 Travel Tips to Save Money This Summer

Summer is a great time to hit the road and take in the sights with the kids. Save money this summer with these tips and tricks!


  1. Use apps for road trips

There are so many apps out now that help you while on a road trip. Apps such as GasBuddy help you find the cheapest gas prices in your location.


  1. If your flying, take a water bottle with you.

While you are no longer allowed to take a full water bottle with you through the security line at the airport, you are allowed to take an empty bottle. Fill up the water bottle at the fountain when you get through security and you’ll save around $4.50 a bottle.


  1. Review car insurance before renting your car

Before you rent a car, check to see if your current car insurance policy insures you while renting a car. If it does, you can save yourself a lot of money by not purchasing more insurance from the rental company.


  1. Stop at the grocery store for food

Stopping at restaurants for every meal while on the road can get very expensive, very quickly. Stop at a grocery store for snacks or even to get a meal such as salad, sandwich, or hot foods to save money.


  1. Pack snacks in your bag

Snacks at the airport and at rest stops/gas stations are much more expensive than if you can buy them in your town before you head out on your trip.


  1. Bring entertainment with you

Especially if you have kids, make sure to pack plenty of entertainment so that you aren’t buying expensive items on a whim.

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