[Free] A “Good” Financial Plan is Like Shopping for Lingerie

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Many women ask, "How do I know what is a "good" financial plan?" This question is sort of like buying lingerie - There is no right or wrong answer, what's 'good' for you, may not be 'good' for another woman.

Lingerie is tricky- it takes a while to find exactly what you had in mind. Sometimes you try on something that is so uncomfortable you wonder how it made it to the shelf. On the flip side, you can try something on that you just know is perfect right away. It makes you feel sexy, you're comfortable wearing it...it's perfect for you.

However, we know not all bodies, minds and spirits are all the same - what makes you feel great might be the same as the "holy hell this is uncomfortable" piece for someone else. The key is to find what works for you.

The same can be said about a financial plan. Your goals, possessions, and needs are different than anyone else's. We could simply say that lingerie, unlike many other articles of clothing is very personal. A financial plan should also center around you; your goals, needs, aspirations, and wants should be the driving force. In the end, the best financial plan is a strategy that you strive to achieve, but also have confidence that it will bring you comfort in achieving your goal. Much like that very uncomfortable lingerie, if you are uncomfortable with the financial process outlined to get your results, it is not the right plan for you.

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