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How it all started...

Financial Sisterhood was formed when two sisters, moving through life and growing up, acknowledged the financial struggles present to women in particular. Although they grew up in a household that used the word ‘finance’ a lot, they never had a real interest in finances until they both had their own money and didn’t know what to do with it (besides spend it). As the sisters spoke to family, friends, teachers, even women in line at the grocery store, they found that many women had similar financial struggles and obstacles. The two sisters decided that they needed to create something for their fellow women going through similar situations, which could provide help, ideas, thoughts, and support.


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Meet Kristine...

Kristine grew up spending much of her time on the soccer field. While attending college, she captained her collegiate soccer team and completed her 1st major, psychology, at the end of her sophomore year. As she attended school on the opposite side of the country from where she grew up, she learned some valuable lessons about independence, both physically and financially.She decided that it might be a good idea to take a few economic classes at school to help her with her own personal financial situations both now and still to come in the future. She grew to like economics so much that she decided to obtain a major in this subject as well, noticing the interesting and significant relationship between both psychology and economics.



Meet Kelly...

Kelly grew up the youngest of the family, but unquestionably the most ambitious. Growing up she played soccer and field hockey, with teammates that to this day are still some of her best friends. Kelly continued her schooling in the snowy Chicago area pursuing a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering. There, she became a member of the Society of Women Engineers, and she really began to notice that women could benefit from a community-based financial support system. As she attended lectures, events and classes, she realized that even though women engineers hold the same (and sometimes more) intellectual power than men, they are still the minority in their field.


Why Financial Sisterhood?

We believe that the stereotype surrounding women and finance needs to be broken. Finances have come to be a taboo topic in today's society yet, finances are an integral part of our lives each and every day. Less than half of women feel confident discussing money and investing1. 54% of women say that being more knowledgeable about financial options would make them feel more confident1. Financial Sisterhood is committed to helping women achieve the confidence they deserve by providing them with all the tolls and resources they need to find their financial confidence and live the comfortable life they deserve.

What Makes Us Different?

Financial Sisterhood is specially designed for women. We have researched and polled many women to find out how they like to learn and what interests them. We incorporated our findings into how we provide educational materials to learn from, we also support a large community of women to share encouragement and ideas involving financial topics and life stages. "Knowledge is confidence. Confidence is power."

1: Statistics from a 2015 study conducted by Fidelity Investments


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