Do You Purchase Apple Care? The Power of Technology Over Life

One of the most exciting as well as nerve racking times of my young adult life occurred a couple weeks ago at the mall. Nope, no one robbed a store (thank goodness); I didn’t win the car that sits in the middle of the mall (where you find majority of the husbands and fathers gathering with a dazed expression as they daydream about having that car to drive in); Nor did I win the lottery and was thus found at the mall on a $30,000 shopping spree. My excitement comprised of myself voluntarily handing over $849 dollars of my hard earned money. (BTW it took me 44 hours to earn that money, or one full week at work plus the next Monday morning until lunch!) Any guesses who I paid? Those annoyingly awesome Apple Geniuses, yes. I bought a new iPhone! Ah, you finally decide to take the plunge. And they go into the back to grab you your new toy. They come back out with that smile of “congratulations!” as they set down the box and carefully peel off that awkwardly sticky plastic cling wrap. And slowly open the box from the suction death grip…and then they peel off the plastic on the screen. WAIT!! OMG! Stop! Please don’t peel that off yet! I wanted to see how long I could keep it on there. You know that’s my screen protector, right? Like, hello?! Its; brand new. I’m clumsy. I need that extra layer of defense!

Oh great, its off. My phone is completely naked. It’s just sitting there, taunting me with my worst nightmare that I will drop it and be rushed to the ER to be treated for a heart attack. “Would you like to purchase Apple Care for $199?” says the Genius that I thought was my friend-- until she unpeeled my original “AppleCare” from the screen. Yes. I guess I have to now, don’t I? We all know I’m going to drop it in the most irritating way and I definitely can’t afford to pay for a new one. Sign me up please.

Today, technology runs our lives. While there may be concerns for our personal wellness due to being so connected to technology, it is not a secret that majority of the population puts its technological devices on a pedestal. Not only do we purchase our gadgets but we place extreme importance on their safety. We take major steps to try to keep our devices protected: we buy the insurance, we purchase cases, we make sure not to push anyone in the pool anymore because we ALWAYS have our phones on us.

While I don’t disagree with protecting the devices we love and buy with our hard earned cash, I do wish to suggest that we might look into protecting our lives and the lives of our loved ones much how we do with our tech devices. I do not work for an insurance agency; I am not trying to sell you anything, I am merely suggesting that we start thinking about why we are quicker and more willing to protect our material devices than ourselves and our loved ones. Purchasing AppleCare for our iPhone is essentially the same idea as purchasing Life Insurance—to provide protection against loss. Think about any loved ones you have that may be counting on your income for any expenses. Do you have a mortgage? Do you have kids thinking of going to college? While I don’t hope or wish this upon anyone, have you thought about what would happen to them or those expenses if something happened to you? Would your family be protected?

We live in a world of technology, but we also live in a world of humans. Why do we jump quickly to protect our tools but fail to protect ourselves? I suggest that we look at the importance of our own lives. Aren’t we worth protecting?

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