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Christmas In September: How to Beat The Post-Holiday Blues NOW

The following is a true story:

September 6th, 2016: witnessed an entire aisle of Halloween decorations in a department store as well as on display at end of aisles.

Halloween decorations out 54 days before the actual holiday? And this isn’t even the biggest holiday of the season. At this rate, we might be seeing Christmas decorations in a couple weeks.

We have begun to reach that magical time of year in which it is possible to feel joyous, irritated, excited, and discharged all at the same time. Even with the retail reminders that the holidays are coming, year after year they seem to still creep up on me—and my bank account. And once the holidays are over, I’m left with an empty feeling, literally in my bank account. And on top of that empty feeling, I “have” to make resolutions and feel bad about those as well. January is one rough month.

Luckily this year I’m not going to let that happen. Ok, the holidays will probably still sneak up on me but I’m not going to let my bank account go into shock again while feeling those January Blues. We have 13 weeks until Christmas, which means 13 weeks to save money for all those presents, gift cards, casseroles, and dessert plates for family and friends this season.

Here’s how it works:

-For the cost of a coffee a day, I (and you!) can have $490 saved up by Christmas. So easy!

With the time frame we have to save up, it’s not much per day to help our psyche and our checking accounts (or credit cards).

Hey! maybe this year since I won’t be in Christmas Debt, I can buy new workout gear to motivate my butt to go to the gym. That will help with my unshakable resolution, right??



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