Downloads & Worksheets

We can read and read all we please but at some point we need to start doing. The resources below can help you personalize and really own your plan! Experiment! Understand your situation! When you finally understand where you are, and where you want to be, that is when the plan starts to fall into place and you see the possibilities ahead of you.

Bill Payment Schedule

Keep track of due dates, amount, and paid status for all of your monthly and yearly bills. Never miss a payment again!

Grocery List

Take this worksheet with you to the grocery store to help you understand where you are spending your money and how you can save!

How Much Should I Have In My Emergency Fund?

Use this worksheet to calculate how much money you should have readily available in case of an emergency.

Ideal Lifestyle Exercise

This activity helps you determine what your ideal lifestyle looks like and provides how you can achieve it financially.

Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet

Calculate your monthly cash flow and find out if you have a negative or positive cash flow.

My Monthly Goals

This worksheet will help you set your lifestyle and financial goals and outline the actions needed to succeed.

Wants vs. Needs

Determine which items in your life are Needs and which items are Wants to help you set realistic goals for your future.

Christmas in September: 13-week Holiday Savings Guide

Need to save up for Christmas Gifts? Use this simple 13-week guide to pocket $455 easily!


Financial Sisterhood TM, 2016