[Free] How is Life Different the Day After the Election?

On November 9, 2016 the United States will have a new President of the country. The coming years of a new administration will truly end up being about money, finance and economics. National and global issues of debt, productivity, international trade, currencies and business climates will continue to have a very significant role in all of our day-to-day lives.
The day after the election will not give us a clear direction or a crystal ball reading as to what economic events and world issues will shape our future financial path. I think most of us can omit that whatever the outcome, we hold some apprehension to the future. One thing will stay clear however, that is that you must understand more, not less, about interest rates. More, not less, about bond markets. More, not less, about stock markets, mutual funds, credit, retirement needs and retirement accounts. More, not less, about taxes. More, not less, about the risks in the business cycle, international currencies, life insurance, HSA and medical plans and costs. More, not less, about the important details of your personal financial plan to achieve your money needs and wants.
It also follows that you will need to learn more, not less, about each of these subjects and the influences they will have on your personal financial plan in achieving your money needs and wants.
Financial Sisterhood is here to help you in your effort to learn ̶ let’s get started now, the next presidential election is November 3, 2020 so we really have no time to waste on meeting the needs of your personal financial plan.

You can do this!

To start learning…try our Investing 101 course. It’s a complete overview as to how investing can work for you, what to watch out for and more. Oh, and the best part…? It’s easy to read and understand because it uses concepts that women relate to!

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