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Money Directly Affects Every Second of Your Life

How does money directly affect every second of your life? Think about the decisions, choices, and lifestyle options you make everyday-- It is all related to money...

Let’s start by explaining Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. We can refer to the pyramid shown below to explain Maslov’s theory. He states that the following categories are the most fundamental needs of a human being. The bottom category, physiological needs, are the most important and fundamental to a human. As you move higher up the pyramid, the needs become slightly less fundamental. Physiological needs include the need for food, water, shelter, love. The second category, Safety, includes the need for feeling safe and secure. According to Maslov, if either of these two needs are not met, the individual experience anxiety and fear.


Money is directly related to both of these. While it is not imperative to have money for minimal shelter, food, and water, one feels more secure when they know they have money to help them achieve these fundamental needs. Money is what makes us feel safe and secure in today’s money-evolved world. Without sufficient money to feel a sense of security and safety, we experience anxiety. Our entire lifestyle is thus effected by the negative feelings we possess from uncertainty in our life.

Money somehow directly affects every second of our life. We live in a world that is entirely controlled by money and in which every aspect of our lives can be traced back to money, or lack thereof.

We need to make money a more important part of our life plans. While we don’t need to have it control our everyday life, we need to incorporate it so that we are able to achieve our most fundamental needs as a human and feel secure in doing so.


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