Navigating Through Wedding Season Without Going Broke

Your 20’s should be a time of great fun, of making memories, of starting to build your life. It should not mean going broke! If you are in your mid to late 20’s, you might have already started to experience a little bit of that broke feeling when wedding season rolls around. Weddings are fun, so let’s not make money worries the party-pooper and following these steps to ensure you come out on top at the end of a whirlwind few months.


  1. Go to the Registry EARLY

The ‘good’ (meaning cheaper) gifts go quickly from the registry. Save yourself by finding the registry and buying a gift early when there are still good gifts left.


  1. Remember: It’s o.k. to give cash

So you didn’t quite make it to the registry before the reasonable price gifts were crossed off? It’s acceptable to give cash to the bride and groom. Just be sure to include a nice and thoughtful card with it as well.


  1. Book Travel Early Online

Use those sites that you always see on commercials to book your flights if you are traveling for the wedding—they actually work. If you look early enough, you can also save yourself some dough.


  1. Raid your girlfriends’ closets

Don’t buy a brand new dress, borrow one instead. No one will even know it’s not yours! Have you and your girls agree to an open-closet policy for wedding season so that you all can exchange and share dresses.


  1. Rent your dress

Going to a black tie wedding? Don’t shell out a heap of money just for a fancy dress you might not be able to wear again—consider renting your dress for much cheaper.

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