Organize Your Files Week: Where to Keep Your Files

Tuesday: Where Should Documents Be Kept

In that little nook on the counter? The glove compartment in the car, on the desk, with the stack of magazines? In your purse? In the diaper bag? So many places it could be, but only the one bill that you need to pay. New Year’s resolution – get more organized?

Getting organized is much harder than keeping up with the organization system that you already have in place. So where do you keep all the important documents so that you can maintain an organized life and be able to find what you are looking for?


I Know What Records to Keep, But Where Do I Keep Them?

We love the idea in this article to sort your organization system by how long you will need the documents. It makes total sense to store the documents you will need for a year in a different spot than you would for documents that you are planning on keeping for the long haul. Making it easier to access the records you need sooner and getting everything you don’t need right now out of the way!  


Out of Sight Out of Mind

Personal Tip: I found that when trying to stay organized, if I kept my immediate filing system out where I was more apt to see it on a day to day basis, I was more likely to keep up with filing than if I tucked it away somewhere.

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