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What to Buy In October: Trick? or Treat?

Trick or Treat? Here are a few tips on what treats to purchase this month and what tricks to steer clear of.

  1. Jeans: Treat!

            Denim that is still left over from the Back-to-School sales  will be discounted to make way for more winter-y items.


  1. Travel Destinations: Treat!

As the summer travel season slows down, some travel hotspots may lower deals on items such as hotels and tours to encourage out-of-season travelers. Be sure to check out hotel deals and packages for summer destinations…you might be surprised!


  1. Winter Boots and Clothes: Trick

            If you can help it, refrain from buying big ticket winter items. These goods usually make great Christmas presents so retailers tend to jump up the price in the early season. However, there is a silver lining…Wait to buy these items on Black Friday or Cyber Monday where you will see major deals.


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  1. In-Season Produce: Treat!

Fall is a great time for cooking! Be sure to grab all the in-season produce while it lasts. Grocers tend to cut back on prices so that the items will sell before they go bad. Some of the produce in season: apples, pears, peaches, cranberry, melons, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts.


  1. Diamonds: Trick

Although October brings the biggest shipments of diamonds to the jewelers, the law of supply and demand does not hold here. In preparation for the Christmas season, the big shipments also bring big crowds. This means that the jewelers can jump the price up on the diamonds as the demand is so high.


  1. Cars: Treat!

Sticking with the Pre-holiday season preparations, cars follow suit. If you’re o.k. with last years’ model of automobile, this can be a great time to purchase. Dealers are preparing to make room for the upcoming years’ model in time for Christmas and will slash prices on older cars. Hurry though, the selection may run out quicker than you think!


  1. Electronics: Trick

Black Friday and Cyber Monday hold some of the very best deals for electronics. If you can afford to wait a couple months, you will save a lot of dough!


  1. Camping gear & equipment: Treat!

Since the summer camping season is quickly coming to an end, stores may offer some great end-of-season sales on gear and equipment. Perfect time to stock up for next year!


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