Do You Want to Be a Millionaire?


Question 1:

Is it possible to be a millionaire in your lifetime?

Answer A: No way

Answer B: Does in my dreams count?

Answer C: Maybe if I had a “small loan” to start like Donald Trump

Answer D: Yes

The answer is… D—Yes. It is possible.


Question 2:

Would you have to rob a bank to make the previous statement possible?

Answer A: Um, yeah, it doesn’t seem that possible to me

Answer B: Maybe rob a couple banks?

Answer C: No, maybe if I had a “small loan” it would be easier?

Answer D: Nope, you could do it legally!

The answer is… D—it is totally possible to be a millionaire and stay out of jail at the same time.


Question 3:

How do I find out how I can become a millionaire?

Answer A: I ask my mom

Answer B: I ask my neighbor

Answer C: I guess

Answer D: I use the Cool Million Calculator on Financial Sisterhood’s Calculator Page

The answer is…D – Go to the Calculator page and click on the Cool Million Calculator to determine how you can be a millionaire. It shows you at what age you can achieve a million dollars and how you can get there even faster.


Being a millionaire is totally achievable! Check it out; I think you’ll be surprised!

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